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Usage of the information provided by the user

Transfer of information provided by the user

Usage of the data on the client's side

To improve the website's functionality and the users' experience, the website employs cookies - small files that are saved on the client's side. By using our website you agree to the usage of cookies.

Regarding the data on the client's side

Data on the client's side is a collection of small text files, temporarily stored by the user's browser cache on the user's device. This data is not used for identifying users or for advertisement. The stored data is used to improve the effectiveness of the website's functionality.

Data control and deletion

Data on the client's side is automatically deleted once the session ends, or according to the browser's configuration. The user may manually delete this data by clearing the cache of their browser. Moreover, storage of such data may be blocked using the browser's cache settings.

Data used by partners

Our website employs data provided by a partner application "Yandex Metrica", created by "Yandex". "Yandex Metrica" data is used for analysis of the website's usage statistics in order to adapt the website to the users' needs. You can find detailed information about "Yandex Metrica" on this website. If you do not want the information on your actions to be accessible to the "Yandex Metrica" application, you should activate the Yandex Metrica Opt-out Browser Add-on.


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